There are several people without whom this entire site would never have been possible:

Thanks to Michael Covington for introducing me to the wonderful world of astrophotography with his book, "Astrophotography for the Amateur", and for answering each and every one of my questions, no matter how stupid it was, even though he probably had lots of better things to do.

Thanks to Thorsten Muhn and Aike Völker for driving me to those dark skies I need so much (only being able to drive since June 2001, I had to rely on their assistance). I've had really great times with you guys!

Thanks to my good friend Andrew MacKenzie for a wonderful friendship, that started with a simple guestbook entry. Thanks for keeping my spirits up during month-long cloud spells and after getting back rolls of uselessly overexposed astrophotos - hopefully, the deep-sky filter you gave me will keep that from happening in the future.

Thanks to all the members of the AstroPhotography Mailing List (APML), who have taught me more than I ever imagined possible in my first years of astrophotography. You are all wonderful!

Special thanks to Cees Bassa, who gave me the courage to dump FrontPage and start writing a completely new web site using only a text editor.

And last, but certainly not least, I would also like to thank my parents for supporting me in my endeavour (I think they're glad I've found something different than what most other teenagers do).