As you probably discovered when you first saw the index page, this page consists of two sections. At the left, you can see the navigation frame, which stays the same as you navigate through my website. Clicking a link here brings up the desired page in the main window. The main window always shows what you have last selected by clicking a link somewhere on my site.

When you are done viewing a page, you can either click your browser's "Back" button or the "Back" link at the bottom of the page to return to the page you were last viewing. You may also select a new section by clicking on the corresponding link in the navigation frame on the left side of the screen.

If at any time you become completely lost (and which of us haven't at some time) you can just click on the "Index" link at the top of the navigation frame to go back to my main home page. Or you can go to the site map to see a table of contents of the site.


Some people think it is wrong to change the colors of links or not to have them underlined. I believe they are wrong. Most web users are intelligent enough to realize what is a link and what is not. Links are presented in a gold color if they have not been visited, and in dark gray if they have, both noticeably different from the normal text color. In addition, moving the mouse cursor over a link makes it become underlined.

Background Color

You will probably say that gray is not the best color to display type on. I agree. But as this site is mainly for the display of images, the backgrounds are gray as brightness affects the perception of faint detail in the images and color affects the color perception of the images.

In a previous version of my site, I had all text pages white and image pages dark gray. However, as I am now using frames to display these pages, I need a uniform way of displaying them (or a way to get the outer frames to change colors depending on which page is displayed in the main frame).

Monitor Display

I create my pages with a resolution of 1024x768 pixels and 32 bits of color depth (True Color). If your monitor has a resolution of 800x600 or smaller, you may have problems viewing parts of this site, especially images. The images on this site are full color and are made to be viewed on a monitor running more than 256 colors. If your monitor is running less colors, the pictures will look coarse and spotty.


These pages were first created with Microsoft's FrontPage Express. When I realized that the program was the biggest waste of disk space I had (by the way, the HTML it created was terrible!), I trashed it and rewrote my pages with Notepad (real HTML I programmed myself). The pages suddenly looked great with my Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x and 5.x, and I was happy.

After seeing the site on several computers using Netscape Navigator, though, I was about ready to trash everything again. Nothing looked as I wanted, even though people using Netscape thought it looked great. Something had to be done. I let go of everything I thought I knew about HTML and started learning it from the beginning. It turns out that much of the knowledge I had kept from the source code of my FrontPage pages was just about the worst HTML programming possible. I've changed everything and now the site should look great, just as I want it to, in both Microsoft and Netscape browsers. I'm not sure about others, but these two are already most of my visitors, so I'm satisfied this far. If you have a certain browser and are having extreme problems, just send me a note.

If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me at .