All animations in chronological order:

March 6, 2001. 1854 CET. Space Station Mir. Seven frames showing a curious flare to approximately -6m. The total time of the flare was approximately 1-2 seconds. QuickCam VC on Meade ETX, tracked manually.

May 31, 2001. 0402 and 0404 CEST. Space Station ISS. Two animations from a pass of the station, showing a solar panel flare and the station "rolling" towards the end of the pass. QuickCam VC on Vixen 90M, tracked manually. These scenes can be seen in their entirety in the video below.

DivX Video (102 KB)

Indeo Video (226 KB)

Video of the Space Station ISS on its pass on May 31, 2001, 0405 CEST. The station must have been nearly opposite the Sun for me, as I was able to witness and capture an amazing solar panel flare, which can be seen on this video. The station can also be seen "rolling" at the end of the video. If you have the DivX Codec installed, you can download the smaller file (which is of better quality). Otherwise, download the Indeo Video encoded file - this should work on every computer. QuickCam VC on Vixen 90M, tracked manually. The frames on which the station was visible were extracted from the video, the station put in the center, and then reassembled to these small videos.